Xiamen’s transport to undergo a series of changes from August

Updated: 01 Aug 2015
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Xiamen’s transportation system is scheduled to undergo a series of changes starting from this August. The changes will include BRT buses, public bikes, bullet trains and main roads in Xiamen. 
BRT Line 5 (Qianpu-Tong’an; 23 stops, full-journey fare of RMB 4)  
The new BRT line will be put into service on August 1, linking Qianpu BRT Station with Tong’an Junction Station.
Running hours:
(6:10 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.)
A bus every 15 minutes during peak hours and a bus roughly every 16 to 30 minutes during normal hours during the trial operation period
Number of buses used on BRT Line 5:
Seven 12-meter-long buses during trial operation 
Xiamen-Europe express rail  
The new Xiamen-Chengdu-Xinjiang-Europe express rail is scheduled to be launched on August 15. 
The new route is expected to cut transportation time from Xiamen to Europe to about 15 days -- 30 to 45 days faster than maritime transportation -- and the cost will be only one fourth of air freight shipping costs. 
The new express rail will depart from Haicang District. 
Renovation project on Jiguan Road in Jimei  
Jiguan Road, a vital road section which links the expressway exits in Jimei District and Xiamen Island, is undergoing renovation from July 21 to October 21 next year. 
Drivers will no longer be allowed to drive on the elevated bridge along Jiguan Road as it will be dismantled and rebuilt into a two-way, six-lane elevated bridge, and large cargo trucks will be banned from running on Jiguan Road during the renovation. 
The recommended route for drivers from the Xinglin Expressway (about 1.5 km longer than the original route): 
Haixiang Avenue (海翔大道) to Houpu Elevated Bridge (后埔立交) to Xingjin Road (杏锦路) to Xinglin Bridge (杏林大桥). 
Public-bike system on Xiamen Island to support normal E-Tong cards  
The public bike system on Xiamen Island will soon be upgraded and is expected to support normal e-tong cards by August 25 this year. 
A total of 7,000 bicycles will be put into use at 355 public bicycle stations on Xiamen Island by the end of August. The number of bicycles is expected to reach 15,000 by the end of 2016. 
8 special bus lanes on Xiamen Island  
The local public transportation department held a public meeting on Saturday, July 25 to unveil a proposed dedicated bus lane project on Xiamen Island.

The project includes four east-to-west bus lanes and four north-to-south bus lanes:
1. Hubinnan Road and Lianqian Road
2. Dongdu Road and Hubinxi Road
3. Hubinbei Road and Lvling Road
4. Huli Avenue
5. Xianyue Road
6. Jiahe Road
7. Jinshang Road
8. Jinshan Road

More bullet trains from Xiamen to Nanchang and Shanghai 
This August, more bullet trains will be added on the Xiamen to Nanchang/Shanghai routes. 
Presale tickets for National Day holiday (October 1-7) will be available from August 3.
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