Xiamen BRT faces criticism over annoying and inefficient safety checks

Updated: 14 Sep 2015
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As one of the main public transportation options in Xiamen, the bus rapid transit (BRT) manages enormous passenger flow every day. It's common to see long queues of passengers in front of BRT stations.

The experience of taking the BRT has been made worse by "annoying and inefficient" safety checks carried out by so-called security guards on passengers as they enter the BRT stations. 
"It's time wasting and inefficient. I had to wait for about 40 minutes at the BRT station in front of Xiamen North Railway Station just because I was carrying a little bag. My legs have some problems but the working staff at the station refused to give me some help," complained a passenger.

The passengers are questioning why the BRT stations haven't replaced inefficient manual checks with safety check machines that are believed to be vastly more efficient.

The working staff of the Xiamen BRT Group explained that the installation of safety check machines is still under discussion. In fact, the proposal was raised about one year ago, but no further action has been taken.

The most complained-of problems are as follows:

1. Inefficiency

2. Security guards judge passengers by their looks
According to passengers, some security guards at the BRT stations treat passengers differently according to appearances. They scrutinize the poor and lower their guard for people in stylish dress.

3. Indifference to privacy
The guards open suitcases in front of other passengers. It makes passengers uncomfortable as their private items are put on display in front of strangers.

4. Impolite enforcement
Some security guards are rude and forcedly check passengers’ bags and personal belongings. 
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Voodoo Commented on 17 Sep 2015
Check the BRT but forget the Double decker busses ? ? they carry more people and there is no security... come on start thinking about security ... stop the bandaid approach..