Xiamen is the 2nd worst city nationwide to catch a taxi

Updated: 22 Jan 2016
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Didi Taxi’s latest report about smart travel in China pointed to Chongqing as the number-one most difficult place to get a taxi, followed by Xiamen, Shanghai, Changsha and Foshan.
Beijing took the 10th place in the ranking.
Notable facts about Xiamen taxis:
Total number of taxis:
About 5,500
Total number of taxi drivers:
More than12,400, and 641 of them female
Total number of taxi companies:
14, with 9 on Xiamen Island and 5 in its outlying districts
Recently, many taxi drivers have complained about Didi Taxi, saying that the popular taxi-hailing platform has made their living harder, causing many of them to consider quitting their jobs.
A new fare standard for Xiamen taxis took effect on October 10th, 2015, in which the flag-down rate for taxi rides in Xiamen was raised from RMB 8 to RMB 10, and the fuel surcharge which ranged from RMB 1 to 2 was cancelled.
A surcharge incurred by waiting time was added.
Waiting time refers to time spent waiting for traffic lights or when the car’s speed falls below 12 km per hour. The fare standard for waiting time is as follows:
1) Free of charge <75 seconds
2) 0.5 RMB ≥ 75 seconds
3) 1 RMB ≥ 150 seconds(the rest fees can be done by that analogy)
Adjusted taxi fares from October 10:
Flag-down:10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers
Additional charge: 2 RMB for each extra kilometer

1) For taxi rides exceeding 8 kilometers
Additional 50 percent allowance will be added.

2) From 11 p.m.- 5 a.m.(night-shift allowance):
There will be a 20 percent surcharge (flag-down: 12 RMB for the first 3 kilometers, and 2.4 RMB for each extra kilometer)

The city is speeding up construction on the Xiamen Metro to provide more convenient transport options for residents. The first Metro line is expected to be completed in 2017.
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mrdoug90 Commented on 23 Jan 2016
I don't live on the island and its brutal trying to get a cab from the airport that is just across the bay.
Easier to take BRT

Wait until that metro is open , then the taxi drivers will be crying from lack of fares !!
Customer service as Saul lacking in China
TheHumanFly Commented on 23 Jan 2016
Drivers are extremely rude, picking and choosing when they stop and who they pick up, many of them are new in Xiamen and don't even know their way around the city. Fares are going up! And passengers must pay to wait in traffic? Xiamen traffic? Caused by idiots performing life threatening maneuvers in citystreets!
The age of the smart phone is upon us! If the drivers are complaining about online taxi apps stealing their customers why don't the stupid company leaders do the same for their taxis? From the breakdown of the fare rates in this article Xiamen city taxis are going to keep on loosing business, reputation, credibility, and money..........they have one one to blame except themselves.
Mr Shelly Commented on 22 Jan 2016
That's BS, Beijing is a million times worse...