2 e-bikes run over by drunk driver on Haicang Bridge, 1 killed

Updated: 29 Jun 2016
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At around 1:50 a.m. on June 27th, a severe crash between a Smart car and two electric bicycles on the Haicang Bridge left one dead and one injured.
According to a witness, one of the two male victims was thrown about 20 to 30 meters after being hit by the car from behind. Both of them were designated drivers and on their way back home.
The young female driver is in her 20s and was drunk. Her car ran over one of the victims and continued ahead for about 200 meters before stopping. According to initial investigation by police, the car crashed into the two electric bicycles from behind. The case is under further investigation.
Electric bicycles are banned from the Haicang Bridge, but many people still risk their lives to ride across it as it is convenient for them to commute between Xiamen Island and Haicang District.China amended its laws to criminalize drunk driving in 2011. The amended law stipulates that all drunk driving constitutes a criminal offence, even if no road accidents or other serious consequences occur.
Previously, the punishments for anyone driving after drinking alcohol were a fine of RMB 200 to RMB 500 and a one-to-three-month driving license suspension. The new rules raised the fine to RMB 1,000 to 2,000, with a six-month license suspension. (Traffic Safety Law, art. 91.)
For driving while intoxicated, the previous law had provided for detention of up to 15 days, a three-to-six-month license suspension, and a RMB 500 to 2,000 fine. Because driving while intoxicated has become a criminal offense, the new Traffic Safety Law replaces that prescription of detention and fine with the language "subject to criminal responsibilities." The license of the drunk driver will be revoked, and it cannot be re-obtained for five years. For any instance of drunk driving that causes a major accident and therefore constitutes a criminal offense, in addition to being subject to criminal punishment, the driver will lose his/her driver's license for the rest of his/her life.
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TheHumanFly Commented on 06 Jul 2016
Always tragic when life is lost needlessly.

Why were e-bikes operating on the bridge in the first place? I still see motorcycles cruising around Xiamen island and e-bikes as thick as flies on a hot heep. It's out of control, I saw an e-bike casualty in one of the new tunnels, a woman on an e-bike and a city bus. The ebike lost. People need also to be educated about the dangers of riding wildly nilly, with disregard to all regulations.
Voodoo Commented on 02 Jul 2016
Sad case.. road rules need to be enforced properly..