Xiamen cracks down on electric bicycle traffic violations

Updated: 18 Aug 2016
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A citywide crackdown on electric bicycle violations will last from August 17th to December 30th in Xiamen, according to the Xiamen traffic department.
Electric bikes are accused of causing chaos and more accidents on Xiamen Island. From January to July this year, electric bicycles were involved in a total of 126 accidents, leaving 12 dead and 139 injured.
Only licensed e-bikes were allowed to run on Xiamen Island starting from March 1st, 2012. The maximum validity period of the license is 5 years, and licenses are cancelled after expiration. The vehicles may no longer operate on the island once their licenses have expired, except for cases in which an e-bike’s owner successfully applies for a new license. Only some specific brands will be qualified for the license application.
A total of 31,000 electric bicycles were licensed on Xiamen Island after that licensing program began in 2012, but there are still many unlicensed electric bicycles on Xiamen Island, as many owners have been unwilling to give up this convenient transportation option.Early this year, a draft regulation was released by the Xiamen government stating that the city plans to ban all electric bicycles, except for those used for postal, express delivery, and other specific services, from Xiamen Island.
The city has successfully upheld a ban on wooden handcarts, tricycles, horns, and motorcycles on Xiamen Island since the 1990s.
Fine for electric bicycle violations:
> Fine of RMB 100:
1) Occupying motor ways
2) Speeding
3) Traffic light violations
> Fine of RMB 200
1) Driving in the reverse direction
2) Occupying urban highway or bus-exclusive lanes
3) Violating traffic controls
> Fine of RMB 300
1) Unlicensed electric bicycles
2) Fabricated license plates
> Fine of RMB 500
1) Drunk driving
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Comments Area ( Total Comments: 4 )
TheHumanFly Commented on 12 Sep 2016
None of the penalties listed include confiscation of the offending ebike!!
TheHumanFly Commented on 12 Sep 2016
The crackdown should be well underway, however I still see the pirate ebikers everywhere. The picture says it all. An ebike vehicle using a pedestrian zebra crossing. Certain areas of Xiamen still have illegal motorcycles running around but I must say that motorbike drivers obey traffic regulations better than ebikers. So it provokes the thought of what ever happened to the driver who killed an ebiker on the Haichang bridge? What ever happened to the bus driver that wiped one out in the tunnel? Are car drivers less likely to be punished if they kill an ebiker that is clearly in a place where they don't belong? Like driving opposing traffic on the wrong side of the road? How can we find the truth???
Franki Commented on 01 Sep 2016
Fabricated licence plates 300RMB fine????
Should be sentenced and jailed !!!
cap212 Commented on 22 Aug 2016
Some chinese people say it's not possible to get a license. Any information about that.

I still don't understand why they don't make a e-bike drivers license.