Typhoon Haima forecast to bring heavy rain to Fujian & Guangdong

Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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> Haima, known as Lawin in the Philippines, is developing in the Pacific ocean southwest of Guam.
> It is forecast to intensify into a super typhoon by the middle of the week.
> Haima/Lawin poses a threat to Luzon, Philippines, Taiwan and southern China mid to late week.
> Typhoon Haimai was forecast to hit southern Fujian Province and eastern Guangdong Province around October 22nd.
> It is likely to have similar path of super typhoon Meranti (70m/s) and might be stronger than Meranti.
> Sarika, the 21st typhoon of this year, is expected to hit Hainan's southeastern coast  during the daytime on October 18th.
Xiamen is expected to witness showers in coming days. (screenshot of

Typhoon Haima is poised to intensify quickly in the western Pacific Ocean and may reach super typhoon status before posing a threat to the northern Philippines, Taiwan and southern China in the week ahead.

Haima was centered over 225 miles north-northwest of the Yap Islands as of Sunday.

Infrared satellite imagery indicates a concentrated core of convection around the center of the tropical cyclone, as well as impressive banding, indicative of strong upper-level outflow jets.

This outflow of winds aloft exhausting the top of Haima, low wind shear and warm, deep ocean water has set the stage for Haima to undergo rapid intensification at some point early in the week ahead. Haima could become a super typhoon (defined as those with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph or higher) during that time.

Steered by high pressure aloft to its north, Haima may threaten Luzon, Philippines, or Taiwan late Wednesday or Thursday, potentially as a strong typhoon.

This would be the second typhoon to affect Luzon in about five days, following this weekend's hit from Typhoon Sarika/Karen.

Therefore, along with the dangers of storm surge flooding and damaging winds, rainfall flooding and landslides would also be major threats in Luzon, given saturated ground from Sarika/Karen.

Taiwan is also typhoon-weary, having absorbed three strikes from Nepartak in July, Meranti in mid-September and Megi in late September, not to mention a glancing swipe from another September typhoon, Malakas.

Haima, incidentally, will be given the name "Lawin" by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

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