Xiamen's 1st elevated bike path beneath BRT to debut before CNY

Updated: 01 Nov 2016
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Construction on the first elevated bike path beneath BRT is expected to be finished before 2017 Chinese New Year which falls in next January.

Several road sections will be affected due to the construction, including Yunding Zhong Road/云顶中路 and Yunding Bei Road/云顶北路. The construction at intersection of Yunding Zhong Road and Lianqian Dong Road/莲前东路 will mainly take place from midnight to 6 a.m. in the second half of November.

In a bid to promote the public bikes in town, more bicycle paths on the ground will be built along Xiamen Metro Line 1.

The elevated bike path will stretch from Hong Wen BRT Station/洪文站 to Xian Hou BRT Station/县后站, a total of about 7.6 kilometers.

Two separate one-way, 2.5-meter-wide elevated bridges will be built beneath the two sides of the BRT. The highest elevated path will be 5 meters above the ground.

Highlights of the first elevated bicycle path along the BRT Line:
> Exclusive for bikes. Electric bicycles and other vehicles will be prohibited.
> Connected to bus stations, BRT stations, overpasses, and buildings.

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