Xiamen BRT to raise starting fare from RMB0.5 to RMB1

Updated: 04 Jan 2017
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Starting from March 1st, the starting fare for Xiamen BRT buses will be adjusted to RMB 1, RMB 0.5 less than the proposed plan, according to a final adjustment plan recently announced.
The final adjustment includes the following:
> Starting fare of RMB 1, plus RMB 0.15 for every extra kilometer after the first 5 kilometers;
> The full-journey price will be topped at RMB 4, RMB 0.5 less than current cap;
> RMB 1 per ride for BRT interchange buses
> Cardholers of Xiamen E-tong cards will still enjoy 10 percent off.

In a survey on satisfaction of BRT services this year, 87.39 percent of participants said they are satisfied with services due to punctuality of the BRT buses.
Latest measures at BRT stations:
> Safety check machines will be installed at ten more BRT stations before January 13th.
> Trial run of self-help ticket machines at three BRT stations will take place in early 2017.
> Six outlets for Xiamen’s first bicycle-dedicated path beneath the BRT will be connected to BRT stations, including Hong Wen Station/洪文站, Cai Tang Station/蔡塘站, Jin Shan Station/金山站, Shi Zheng Fu Wu Zhong Xin Station/市政服务中心, Shuang Shi Middle School Station/双十中学站 and Xian Hou Station/县后站.
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