New Xiamen-Kunming high-speed train service launched

Updated: 09 Jan 2017
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A new high-speed train service linking Xiamen and Kunming was launched on January 5th, and the whole journey will take about 12 hours and 41 minutes.
Tickets of the new high-speed train service linking Xiamen and Kunming, a city popularly known as “the City of Perpetual Spring” in Yunnan Province, are being on sale on starting from December 31st, 2016.

The new train service will shorten current rail travel time from 41 hours and 10 minutes to about 13 hours, about 28 hours less than the current one.

Ticket prices
First class tickets: RMB 1443.5
Second class tickets: RMB 877.5
Business class tickets: RMB 2760.5

Xiamen-Kunming “G” trains at Xiamen North Railway Station
Xiamen North→Kunming South
10:04 a.m. to 22:45 p.m.

Kunming South→Xiamen North
8:55 a.m. to 21:47 p.m.

The route of the trains:
Xiamen North Railway Station/厦门北-Jinjiang/晋江-Xianyou/仙游-Putian/莆田-Fuzhou/福州-Gutian North/古田北-Nanping North/南平北-Jian’ou West/建瓯西-Wuyishan East/武夷山东-Wuyishan North/武夷山北-Shangrao/上饶-Yingtan North/鹰潭北-Fuzhou East/抚州东-Jinxian South/进贤南-Gaoan/高安-Yichun/宜春-Pingxiang North/萍乡北-Changsha South/长沙南-Xiangtan North/湘潭北-Loudi South/娄底南-Shaoyang North/邵阳北-Huaihua South/怀化南-Zhijiang/芷江-Tongren South/铜仁南-Sansui/三穗-Kaili South/凯里南-Guiyang North/贵阳北-Anshun West/安顺西-Guanling/关岭-Panzhou/盘州-Fuyuan North/富源北-Qujing North/曲靖北-Kunming South/昆明南
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