Xiamen Metro Line 1 to be put on trial operation on Sep 1st, 2017

Updated: 14 Mar 2017
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All 24 stops along Xiamen Metro Line 1 have been connected together after a shield tunneling machine finished its work between Jiangjunci Station and Wenzao Station on March 12th.

Construction on the first Metro line was launched on April 1st, 2014. It is expected to be put into trial operation on September 1st this year and to enter full operation by the end of 2017.

What does the first Metro train look like?

Main data about the train:
Total length: 118.7 meters
Width: 2.8 meters
Passenger capacity: 2,062 passengers
Maximum speed: 80km/h

What do the Metro Stations look like?

The design for the stops along Xiamen Metro Line 1 features rooftop elements of old style houses in southern Fujian Province (also known as the "Minnan area") and red brick-like elements.

Metro stations along Xiamen Metro Line 1
(24 stations, 30.3kilometers)

Zhenhai Lu stop (镇海路站) - Zhongshan Park stop (中山公园站) - Jiangjunci stop (将军祠站) - Wenzao stop (文灶站) - Hubin Dong Lu stop (湖滨东路站) - Lianban stop (莲坂站) - Lianhua Lukou stop (莲花路口站) - Lvcuo stop (吕厝站) - SM City Plaza stop (城市广场站) - Tangbian stop (塘边站) - Torch Park stop(火炬园站) - Gaodian stop (高殿站) - Gaoqi stop (高崎站) - Jimei college village stop (集美学村站) - Yuanboyuan stop (园博苑站) - Xingjin Lu stop (杏锦路站) - Dongren stop(董任) - Jimei central stop (集美中心站) - Chengyi Square stop (诚毅广场站) - Software Park (Phase III) stop (软件园站) - Jimei Avenue stop (集美大道站) - Tianshui Lu stop (天水路站) - Xiamen North Railway Station stop (厦门北站) - Yannei North Square stop (岩内北广场站).

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