Eating or drinking no longer allowed in Xiamen BRT

Updated: 27 Apr 2017
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According to the Xiamen BRT Group, Xiamen's BRT Line 3 has begun a pilot project promoting a "no eating or drinking" rule on its buses.

Commuters on BRT Line 3 buses, a busy BRT line between the Xiamen No. 1 Port and Qianpu Station, are reminded of the new rule by drivers and clearly visible signs onboard.

Currently, BRT Line 3 handles about 90,000 commuters daily. It is expected to be a demonstration line for other BRT lines in piloting the new rule with the goal of improving sanitation on BRT buses.

In April of last year, the city of Xiamen began a pilot project banning eating and drinking on No. 51 buses, a busy bus line between Lundu Ferry Terminal and Xiamen International Cruise Center.

Other recent happenings related to Xiamen's BRT transit system:

> Air conditioning on BRT buses was recently turned on, about one month earlier than last year.

> A 3D painting is now being featured at the Huaqiao Daxue BRT Station. The painting was created by students from Huaqiao University. Other BRT stations that feature 3D paintings include Hongwen Station and Sibei Station.

> All BRT stations will be equipped with X-ray security check machines by the end of June this year.
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Penny_XM Commented on 28 Apr 2017
It's for the purpose of the Bricks?
TheHumanFly Commented on 28 Apr 2017
On hot summer days in Xiamen it is nessesary to stay hydrated. Not being able to a ces your water on a BRT bus could damage your health. Also as lifestyles change and people are on the run to make it through their day, a quick bite of a burger or some thing on the bus should not be prohibited. Someone in a position of leadership is not thinking this one out. Too bad. So typical for a dictatorship.