Weather is too hot? You get paid more if you work outdoors

Updated: 22 May 2017
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According to a new "hot-weather stipend" issued by the Xiamen Government, enterprises and employers are required to give a "hot-weather stipend" to employees in the warmer months of the year from May to September, to compensate for working in hotter conditions. The amount of the stipend is set at RMB 200 per employee per month.

The rule requires employers to provide extra pay to employees working outdoors in temperatures above 35 degree Celsius and indoors in temperatures above 33 degrees Celsius. Employers who fail to maintain suitable working temperatures in their working environments are legally obliged to pay a monthly hot-weather stipend of RMB 200 to employees, which must be included in the sum of employees' salary.

Twenty-eight regions in China have implemented similar measures to compensate workers for continuing to work in hot conditions. Each region’s stipulations are different; some calculate allowances per day and some per month.

Employees have the right to file a complaint if an employer fails to pay. Call 12351 (Xiamen workers’ service hotline) to seek help if you fail to receive the hot-weather stipend.
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