Double-decker bicycle parking system debuts in XMU

Updated: 12 Jun 2017
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As cycling catches on in Xiamen, the authorities are moving to increase the number of parking spaces for bicycles. It seems "building upwards" is the way to go for Xiamen University.

The university’s Siming Campus has piloted a double-decker bike parking system to save space on campus. The bike parking rack allows a cyclist to park his/her bicycle on top of another bike, by pulling down the upper rack and placing the bicycle on it, before pushing the rack back to its original position.

Covering about 40 square meters, the double-decker bike parking system at the Xiamen University Siming Campus can hold more than 80 bicycles at a time.

The racks will help to organize bicycle parking while increasing storage capacity, given the limited space available.

Many other "bike cities" have already solved the problem of limited bicycle parking space by utilizing robotic parking systems that store bikes underground or vertically, in towers. Robotic parking for cars is also catching on in some American cities (it’s been around in China and Europe for years). But bikes are a relatively new addition to the market.
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sandeepmahato9 Commented on 13 Jun 2017
Nice way to utilizing the space