2017 Gulangyu Cup brings world class soccer fun in the rain

Updated: 19 Jun 2017
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About 250 footballers in 20 teams participated in the 2017 Gulangyu Cup, held on June 17th at the Gulangyu People’s Stadium. The tournament featured participation from four women's teams this year, two more than last year.

More than 80 percent of the footballers in this year's tournament were foreign players. Last year's event saw more than 220 amateur football players from over 10 countries and regions.

Though it was raining hard during the 2017 Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament, participants played as if it were just another sunny day in Xiamen. They played hard and with great sportsmanship throughout the daylong event.

Since the Gulangyu Cup's debut in 2012, the football tournament in the century-old Gulangyu People’s Stadium has worked to rejuvenate the popularity of this world game on Gulangyu Island.

Final Ranking of 2017 Gulangyu Cup

Men's teams
First prize: Quanzhou Spartacus FC
Second prize: Shenzhen Lions FC
Third prize: Gulangyu Yinghua FC

1.    Quanzhou Spartacus FC
2.    Shenzhen Lions FC
3.    Gulangyu Yinghua FC
4.    XMIFC A
5.    Xiamen Bobo FC
6.    Tsingtao United FC
7.    XMIFC Legends
8.    Kunming Turtle
9.    XMIFC B
10.    Beijing Barbarians FC
11.    Hangzhou South Bank FC
12.    My Place FC
13.    HK Force UTD
14.    Dongguan Murrays FC
15.    Shanghai FCU
16.    Phoenix Knights FC

Women's teams
First prize: Shanghai Mint FC – W
Second prize: Shenghui International FC – W
Third prize: XMIFC – W

1.    Shanghai Mint FC –W
2.    Shenghui International FC –W
3.    XMIFC –W
4.    Qingdao FC –W

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