Photo & real name required for mobile phone registration

Updated: 30 Jun 2017
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China’s three telecom carriers, China Mobile Communications (China Mobile), China United Network Communications Group (China Unicom) and China Telecommunications Corp (China Telecom), announced plans to scrap domestic long-distance and roaming charges from October 1st, 2017.

The three telecom carriers are completing a real-name registration system that was launched in 2015. Those who haven’t completed real-name registration will be informed via SMS message. If they fail to provide their personal information within the designated period, their phone number will be terminated.

Carriers will send the SMS messages gradually, so that users will receive them at different periods.

Procedures of real-name registration:

1. Valid documents

> Chinese nationals: ID cards
> Residents from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong: Mainland Travel Permits
> Expats: Passports

2. Photo taken at the carriers’ offices

Service hotlines:
China Mobile: 10086
China Telecom: 10000
China Unicom: 10010
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