2 typhoons hit Fuqing in 24 hrs, Xiamen gets continual rainfall

Updated: 31 Jul 2017
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Past and forecast track of Tropical Storm Haicang on July 31st, 2017.

Taiwan was hit Sunday by its second major storm in two days after Typhoon Nesat battered the island, leaving at least 111 injured while causing flooding and widespread power outages.

Nesat made landfall at Fuqing City of Fujian Province early Sunday, according to state media, with authorities issuing a red typhoon alert -- the highest in China's colour-coded warning system.
Satellite image of tropical storm Haitang on July 31st, 2017.

With no respite, Tropical Storm Haitang, the tenth of the year, landed in southern Taiwan Sunday night and make a second landing in Fuqing City of Fujian Province Monday morning, according to reports.

The two storms were expected to bring heavy rain and strong gales to the coastal Fujian Province.
The effects caused in Xiamen by the two typhoons include as follows:

All scenic spots in the city were closed.
All construction work has been halted.
All summer camps have been suspended.
Taiwan-bound flights and ferry service have been affected.
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