What's on in Xiamen, some major happenings in August 2017

Updated: 07 Aug 2017
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Security checks on buses
Starting from August 1st this year, passengers who travel in or out of Xiamen Island are advised to take along their ID documents (ID cards or passports) due to random security checks on passenger coaches and buses, intended to improve security throughout the city during the upcoming 9th BRICS Summit.

The security checks will be made on vehicles, passengers, and their belongings, randomly and in any case where an individual, vehicle, or item is deemed suspicious.

Security checks on all Xiamen Island-bound vehicles
From August 22nd to September 6th, 2017, all Xiamen Island-bound vehicles will undergo thorough security checks on four of the city’s bridges and one of its tunnels.

The four bridges and one tunnel are as follows:
Xiamen Bridge/厦门大桥
Jimei Bridge/集美大桥
Xinglin Bridge/杏林大桥
Haicang Bridge/海沧大桥
Xiang’an Undersea Tunnel/翔安海底隧道

Traffic control on Xiamen Island and Gulangyu Island
Traffic control measures will be implemented at different periods from August 28th to September 7th, 2017.

Tourist limits at Xiamen University Siming Campus this summer holiday
Xiamen University’s Siming campus usually opens for free to visitors all day long during the summer holiday. But from July 23rd to September 16th this year, the campus launched tourist limits for maintenance work and due to some ongoing research projects on campus.

The tourist limits are as follows:
> From Mondays to Fridays, visitors are allowed to enter the campus only during two designated time periods: 12 noon to  2 p.m. (limited number of tourists: up to 1,000 daily) and after 5:30 p.m. (no limit on number of tourists)
> The campus will be open to visitors all day long on weekends
> Valid ID documents are required to enter the campus
> Private vehicles are prohibited from entering the campus

Haicang Seawater Show Park
Built with an investment of RMB 100 million, the seawater show park is a new attraction in Haicang Lake Park. It debuted its rousing visual and musical display for visitors in late July.

The park is scheduled to stage regular water shows for visitors.
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