Self-service checkout supermarkets debut in Xiamen

Updated: 10 Aug 2017
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Customers used self-service checkout machines at Zhongminbaihui Supermarket near the Xiamen Railway Station. (Photo by Lesley)
Several supermarket brands in Xiamen, including Yonghui/永辉, Xinhuadu/新华都, Rainbow/天虹 and Seashine/夏商, have been trying out self-service checkout in their supermarkets.

In many of these stores, customers can pay via self-service checkout machines located alongside the traditional checkout counters.

The Zhongminbaihui Supermarket/中闽百汇, near the Xiamen Railway Station, has installed seven of the self-service checkout machines. It’s expected that customers will be able to complete payment in less than one minute. Traditional checkout counters are also available.
Photos by Lesley

It's becoming rare in many parts of China to see people using cash to pay for goods and services. Statistics show that the volume of Chinese third-party mobile payments in 2016 reached $8.4 trillion (57.9 trillion yuan). Many people now bring no cards or cash with them when they go out; a smartphone is sufficient to make purchases at street fruit stands, in restaurants, in convenience stores, and to pay taxi drivers.
Facts about self-service shopping:

> Currently, self-service checkout machines only accept payment via WeChat Wallet/微信钱包, Alipay/支付宝, bank cards, and pre-sale shopping cards.
> How to use the self-service checkout machines: Scan the goods → choose payment options → complete payment → print receipt
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