Xiamen's new public orders to take effect Oct. 1st, 2017

Updated: 26 Sep 2017
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A series of new civic measures are scheduled to take effect on October 1st, 2017 in Xiamen, which focus on unruly behaviors in the city as follows:

Fines for violators of smoking bans will be increased. The new fines will range from RMB 50 to 200. Previously the fine was only RMB 10 for smoking ban violators.
The new measure on smoking bans also highlights the duty of responsible units of indoor public places, such as restaurants, Internet cafes, hospitals, and public transport vehicles to work to enforce rules.
According to the measure, responsible units or individuals of indoor public places will face penalties for failure to enforce smoking bans. Responsible units or individuals will face fines of up to RMB 5,000.
Tip-off hotline: 2050120
Unruly driving at crosswalks

Drivers of motor vehicles will face fines of up to RMB 300 if they fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks where there are no crossing signals.
Unruly pedestrians

Pedestrians will face fines ranging from RMB 50 to 100 if they ignore signals or street isolation facilities while crossing roads.
Unruly parking

Owners of motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles in violation of parking regulations will face fines of RMB 50 if parked illegally.
Littering and spitting

Residents who litter or spit in public places will face fines of up to RMB 100.
Unruly tourists

Tourists who vandalize scenic items or cause disorder in scenic areas will face fines from RMB 200 to 5,000. The tourism department also has the right to blacklist unruly tourists.
Illegal occupancy of public areas

Violators who occupy public areas, such as roadsides, overpasses, beaches, and underground passageways will face fines of RMB 500 per square meter.
Unruly dog walking
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Starting from October 1st this year, stricter punishments will be implemented to curb unruly dog walking behavior across the city.
Firework ban

Violators who set off fireworks in Siming, Huli, and other districts of Xiamen where fireworks are prohibited will face stricter punishment.
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