Major progress to be made with public transports in Xiamen

Updated: 13 Oct 2017
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Xiamen Metro Line 2

According to the latest progress report released by the Xiamen Government, Xiamen Metro Line 2 is expected to be put into trial operation by the end of 2019.

The new line will have a total length of 41.5 kilometers and 32 stations, and will link the east coast of Xiamen Island with the Dongdu area, Haicang CBD, and Maluan New Town.

32 stations along Metro Line 2:
Wuyuan Bay Station/五缘湾站 – South Wuyuan Bay Station/五缘湾南站 – Wetland Park Station/湿地公园站– Gaolin Station/高林站 – Financial Center Station/金融中心站 – Linbian Station/林边站 – Guanyinshan Station/观音山站 – Hecuo Station/何厝站 – Software Park Station/软件园站 – Lingdou Station/岭兜站 – Gudishi Station/古地石站 – Caitang Station/蔡塘站 – Zhongfu Huayuan Station/中孚花园站 – Jiangtou Station/江头站 – Lvcuo Station/吕厝站 – Yuxiu Dong Road Station/育秀东路站 – Sports Center Station/体育中心站 – Hubin Zhong Road Station/湖滨中路站 – Jianye Road Station/建业路站 – Dongdu Port Station/东渡站 – Haicang Avenue Station/海沧大道站 – Haicang CBD Station/海沧CBD站 – Lukeng Station/卢坑站 - Maqing Road Station/马青路站 – Wengjiao Road Station/翁角路站 –Chang Gung Hospital Station/长庚医院站 – Xinyang Avenue Station/新阳大道站 – Central Maluan Station/马銮中心站 – West Maluan Station/马銮西站 – North Maluan Station/马銮北站 – Dongfu Station/东孚站 – Tianzhushan Station/天竺山站

Passenger pick-up ban at departure floor at Xiamen North Railway Station
Starting from October 9th, 2017, drivers are not allowed to stop and pick up passengers at the departure floor at the Xiamen North Railway Station. Violators will face fines of RMB 150 and have 3 points deducted from their driving licenses.
Drivers are advised to park their vehicles at the underground parking lot at Tea City in the railway station, where 30-minute free parking service is available.
Xiamen-Shaxian expressway
By the end of this year, the expressway linking Xiamen with Sanming will shorten travel time from five to three hours by car.  Shaxian is a famous county in Sanming City, Fujian Province.
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