What's on in Xiamen: Xiamen's two major landmark projects

Updated: 02 Nov 2017
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Conceptual design renderings of the Amoy Tower project
Amoy Tower

The Amoy Tower is set to be the tallest landmark in Xiamen, standing at 520 meters. It will be built with a planned investment of RMB 5 billion. The tower will have various functions, including as a radio and television transmission tower, a sightseeing location, and a way to promote ocean culture.

The tower's supporting facilities include a "love-themed" square, a holiday hotel, an exhibition hall, a botanical garden, and a theater.

The tower will be shaped like a soaring egret, and is expected to be put into use in 2022. The site for the Amoy Tower is still pending final approval.
Kinmen Overlooking Platform

3.3-km beach restoration on Huandao Road

A beach restoration project is underway on the Changweijiao/长尾礁-to-Wutong/五通 section  of the eastern part of Huandao Road, a 31-km road that winds along Xiamen Island’s southern and eastern shores.

The project features Minnan culture, fishing village elements, and "best wishes" for Taiwan and mainland China. It is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018.

New landscape attractions along the beach:

> Kinmen Overlooking Platform/望金台
> Bright Moon Square/明月广场
> Lucky Cloud Square/瑞云广场
> Happy Reunion Square/婵娟广场
Bright Moon Square
Bright Moon Square
Happy Reunion Square
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