Multi-functional Maritime Museum to be built on Gulangyu Island

Updated: 05 Dec 2017
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On the western coast of Gulangyu Island, a Maritime Museum will be built within the next three years. It will be a multi-functional facility integrating sightseeing, scientific research, and cultural promotion.

Highlights of the newly designed museum:
Maritime museum

> Jiaolong Model
Jiaolong is a Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible that can dive to a depth of over 7,000 meters. The model will allow you to explore the Mariana Trench with VR technology.
> Marine ranching
The marine ranching scene will be created with sound, lighting, and electricity systems.
> Half-submersible conference center
The center will integrate office work, exhibitions, and sightseeing.
> 6D circular-screen movie theater
Ocean Culture Demonstration Area

The demonstration area will include four parts: the Ocean Culture Arts Exhibition Hall, the Ocean Culture Interactive Experience Hall, the Ocean Culture Souvenir Creation Hall, and the Cultural and Creative Products Exchange Platform.
Rest Area

Visitors can enjoy coffee and food at this area.

1. Tourist Service Center
2. Ocean Culture Exhibition Center/Conference Center
3. Maritime Museum
4. Ocean Culture Exhibition Center/Specialist Reception Center
5. Ocean Culture Interactive Experience Hall/Ocean Culture Arts Exhibition Center
6. Ocean Culture Souvenir Creation Hall/Cultural and Creative Products Exchange Platform.
7. Restaurants
8. Cafes
9. Fish Feeding Point
10. Fish Appreciation Platform
11. Sightseeing Platform
12. Scuba Diving Preparation Area
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