Xiamen to become logistics centre, 99 projects worth rmb30.1b

Updated: 08 Dec 2017
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According to the Xiamen government, the coastal city will start construction on 99 projects by the end of this year. Altogether the 99 projects will represent investment of about RMB 30.144 billion.
Of that investment, RMB 14.9 billion will be for industrial projects.
Some highlight projects include the following:
Feiyu Technology Headquarters Building
The building will have a total construction area of more than 30,000 square meters.
Xiamen International Innovation Industry Demonstration Park
The park will cover about 100,000 square meters, including a high-tech industry platform, an innovation industry platform, a creative industries platform, a science hatchery platform, and a venture capital fund platform. E-commerce Industry Park, one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, will invest at least RMB 2 billion to build an e-commerce industry park in Tong'an District.
The project aims to build a new intelligent delivery center. It is scheduled to be put into use in 2019, with expected annual turnover of RMB 15 billion.
Of all the new projects, 69 of them will focus on infrastructure construction and livelihood construction. Those projects will mainly be distributed around Xiamen's eastern coastal area, in the areas around the metro lines, and in Haicang and Tong'an districts.
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