Another 'coastal ring road' to be built off Xiamen Island

Updated: 15 Dec 2017
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The conceptual drawing of Xiamen's second "coastal ring road" off Xiamen Island in Haicang District.
The newly planned road will thread though Haicang District's five main bays, stretching from the Songyu Wharf area to the coastal area around the Xinyang Bridge.

The road is designed to serve as Xiamen's second "Huandao Road" (literally round-the-island road). Xiamen Island's Huandao Road is one of the city's most popular thoroughfares.

According to plans, the total planned area around the new "Huangdao Road" will be 12.98 square kilometers, with a land area of 8.43 square kilometers, an islet area of 0.65 square kilometers, and a maritime area of 3.9 square kilometers. Its total coastline length will be 18 kilometers.

The five main sections of the newly designed "coastal ring road" are as follows:
Songyu Wharf Bay/嵩屿湾

Songyu Wharf is about 1.3 kilometers away from Gulangyu Island. The wharf can accommodate the world's largest cruise liners, and is designed to be a world-class tourism support service center.
New Town Bay/新城湾

The development will be built to serve as a maritime central business district in Haicang.
Shipyard Bay/船厂湾

The area will serve as a maritime industry service center and citizens' center in Haicang District.
Aoguan Bay/鳌冠湾

The area features Xiamen's only marine erosion landform, characteristic Minnan architecture, and cross-strait folk customs.
Islet cluster

Huoshao Islet, Datu Islet, and Xiaotu Islet in Haicang Bay will be used for entertainment and recreation.

The new "coastal ring road" is expected to connect the five aforementioned areas in 2030.

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