Social credit system - Xiamen is model city of China

Updated: 12 Mar 2018
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According to an announcement made by the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administrative Office of the People's Bank of China, Xiamen is among the first batch of 12 Chinese cities to be named national model cities for social credit system construction.

The social credit system is a proposed Chinese government initiative for developing a national reputation system. It has been reported to be intended to assign a "social credit" rating to every citizen based on government data regarding their economic and social status. It works as a mass surveillance tool and uses the big data analysis technology. In addition, it is also meant to rate businesses operating on the Chinese market.

The 11 other cities are Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Suqian, Huizhou, Wenzhou, Weihai, Weifang, Yiwu, and Rongcheng.

The aforementioned cities were selected by voluntary application, organization, and implementation of social credit system construction, and were subject to expert review.

Why choose Xiamen?

> Since 2004, Xiamen has promoted social credit system construction, bringing positive changes to livelihood and entrepreneur development.
> The city focuses on exploration and practice of the social credit system in a larger scope and to a higher standard.
> The city utilizes the social credit system in medical care, dining, accommodation, traffic, shopping, entertainment, and salary.

Some practices of the social credit system in Xiamen:

> Xiamen has begun introducing electronic fence technology to regularize cyclists' parking behavior. Those who park according to the rules can earn credits that allow them to enjoy benefits on deposits and fees.
> Xiamen has set up a credit inquiry website:
Official website:
> Xiamen will promote "Egret Credit Points." Every resident in Xiamen is expected to have their own credit points. Those with higher credit points can enjoy benefits while taking buses, Metro trains, or when borrowing books. They can also enjoy exemption from deposits when using public services.
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