Jimei's key projects in Xiamen's RMB865bln development plan

Updated: 23 Apr 2018
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According to the Xiamen government, the city will invest in 316 key projects as part of a development plan that involves investment totaling RMB 117.91 billion for 2018 alone. Total investment for all projects after completion will be RMB 865.44 billion.

A series of investments will be deployed in six districts in 2018. Planned projects in Jimei District include:


In 2018, Jimei District plans to begin construction on 44 kindergarten, primary, and middle school projects. The district plans to open two middle schools, a primary school, and eight kindergartens this year.

Jimei Youth & Children's Palace

The "palace" will be a place for after-school educational activities for teenagers and children. Covering a land area of 25,194 square meters, the "palace" will consist of a theater and a Digital Education Center. It is expected to open in 2018.

It is expected to be put into service in 2018.

Xiamen's Largest Library

Located in Jimei New Town, this branch of the Xiamen Municipal Library is expected to open in the first half of 2018.

With storage capacity for three million books, the new library will feature characteristic Jiageng architecture.

Daming Square of Jimei New Town

The square will be located in the core area of Jimei New Town, and will consist of 44 buildings. It will be a center for the development of traditional arts, and a complex for tourism, commerce, entertainment, and dining.

Xiamen's Wangfujing Shopping Center

Located near the Xiamen North Railway Station, the first phase of the new complex is expected to open in May 2018.

New City Complex

Located in the Xiamen North Railway area, the complex will include eleven high-rise residential buildings, two ultra-high-rise office buildings, and large-scale commercial facilities.

BEZ · Innovation Park

Located at the intersection of Jimei Avenue and Xinglin Bay Road, the innovation park will focus on promoting mobile internet, mobile communications, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial design, and other high-tech industries.
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