Xiamen's new marathon course, linking Jimei, Tong'an & Xiang'an

Updated: 23 May 2018
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Meifeng Sports Park under construction along the newly planned full marathon course. (Photo sourced from Internet)
Construction on the first phase of a 46.6-km round-the-eastern-coast tourism line, which starts from the Jimei Bridge and extends to the Xiang'an Tunnel, is nearing completion.

The coastal tourism line will be used as a full marathon course and built in three phases.

First phase (7.9km):
Jimei Bridge-Guanxun Village in Tong'an

Second phase (17.6km):
Guanxun Village-Fantawild Theme Park-Tong'an Bay Bridge

Third phase (21.15km):
Tong'an Bay Bridge-Park atop Xiang'an Tunnel

The round-the-eastern-coast tourism line will feature coastal landscape including beaches, mangrove forests, sports-themed parks, and high-end hotels. The line will be part of a round-Tong'an-Bay culture and sports industry belt, which will promote sports events including marathons, bicycling, sailing, beach volleyball, and triathlons events.
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