Macau [Yat Yuen] Canidrome Club greyhounds adoption

Updated: 03 Jul 2018
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 They were once intrepid race dogs and now they are eager for a warm home.


As awareness among the general public of animal rights has grown, and as Macau has gradually transformed from a famous gambling-dominated place to a popular tourist destination, the charm of Macau's dog racing game has diminished. Last year, the Macau government asked the operator of the Macau [Yat Yuen] Canidrome Club to move the stadium out of the city center to provide space for reconstruction of the city.


This year, the operator of the Macau [Yat Yuen] Canidrome Club officially announced that it will close its business and move out of the existing venue before July 21, 2018. The club has also launched a program on its official website to find adopters for over 600 greyhounds who were once race dogs.


The last public adoption day for the greyhounds was on July 1st, 2018, but the time for adoption will continue until July 20th, 2018.



Dogs that are not adopted before July 21st will be euthanized! If you are willing to give these dogs a warm home, please visit the website to review the adoption notice and download the application form.

Adoption procedures:
1.Fill in the application form and send it to the following email address:

2.The adopter should bring his/her personal identification card and proof of residence to the Macau [Yat Yuen] Canidrome Club. (The adoption system utilizes real-name registration; each individual may adopt only one dog.)

3.Apply for the dog’s health certificate, vaccination, sterilization, and customs entry certificate. It may take up to a month-and-a-half for one of Macau's major hospitals to process the sterilization procedures for dogs, but local pet hospitals are faster. The expenses shall be borne by the adopter. Without a sterilization certificate, the dog cannot pass customs.

4.When the above processes are completed, you can then adopt the dog and take it home.

1. Fill in the adoption form according to the requirements on the form, and consult with customs about the relevant inspection processes and required documents before the adoption.

2. The above formalities must be completed before July 20th, 2018.

Macau [Yat Yuen] Canidrome Club
Official website:
Adoption notice:
Application form download:
Email address:
Tel: +853-2826-2766
Fax: +853-2826 0712

I wish you and your dog good luck!



Adoption notice


Application form


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