eBay & Citic join up in ecommerce, set up Xiamen headquarter

Updated: 05 Jul 2018
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U.S. e-commerce giant eBay Inc. has set up a joint venture called Orange Connex Ltd., with a unit of Citic Private Equity Funds Management Co. Ltd., to expand its cross-border logistics network as online retailers work to deliver goods faster to overseas buyers.

The new joint venture was set up in Hong Kong this March, and is tailored for cross-border activity and e-commerce sellers based in China.

Orange Connex Ltd. has debuted SpeedPAK for the region, which is being billed as a new shipping program through eBay. As an upgrade to eBay’s other shipping initiatives, SpeedPAK allows Chinese retailers to ship parcels to the Unites States in eight to 12 business days.

In June 2018, the Xiamen government signed a strategic cooperative agreement regarding China operations for Orange Connex (HK) Ltd., in which it stated that Orange Connex Ltd. will be permitted to set up its cross-border e-commerce logistics operation management headquarters for the mainland China region in Xiamen.

The corporation plans to build a fourth party logistics platform in Xiamen, turning it into a large, cross-border e-commerce logistics project that includes a distribution center, data center, storage center, cross-border logistic finance service center, purchasing center, information technology center, and customer service center.
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