Direct Xiamen-Budapest freight train route cuts time to 17 days

Updated: 15 Jul 2018
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On July 9th, 2018, a train with 41 containers of electric products, clothes, shoes and construction materials left Haicang Station in Xiamen, marking the first trip of a new direct freight train service linking Xiamen with Budapest.

In January this year, Xiamen launched freight train services to Budapest via Xi’an in Shaanxi Province. The new direct route cuts travel time of the Xiamen-Xi’an-Budapest route by two to three days to 17 days.

Currently, Xiamen has five rail routes to Hamburger, Duisburg, Budapest, Moscow and Central Asia . Since services to Europe were launched in August 2015, 260 trains have been operated from Haicang Station, delivering goods worth 4.6 billion yuan ($695 million) abroad.

The China-Europe express freight train service was initiated in 2011, the service has expanded rapidly and is expected to rise to 5,000 trips in 2020. Faster than sea and cheaper than air, China now has express freight service to 36 European cities.

The European Union remained China's largest trade partner in 2017, with the volume of bilateral trade surging 15.5 percent from a year earlier.
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