5G smart transit, Xiamen BRT to go driverless

Updated: 15 Jul 2018
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The Xiamen Transportation Bureau has signed an agreement with DT Mobile to build a 5G smart network for the city's transportation system. The project aims to transform Xiamen into a pilot city for 5G smart transit.

5G is the term used to describe the next generation of mobile networks beyond the 4G networks of today. 5G networks are expected to have always-on capabilities and be energy efficient.

Xiamen Transit and DT Mobile will join hands to create China's first commercial 5G smart transit system on the current Xiamen BRT system. The new network will make it possible for Xiamen's BRT to achieve driverless operation.

The Xiamen BRT is expected to achieve half-autonomous driving this year. The new system will be capable of taking over any BRT bus if a driver can’t drive in case of emergency.

The 5G smart transit system will be gradually implemented in public buses, taxis, and private cars in Xiamen with the ultimate goal of turning Xiamen into a smart transit city

Note: All images in this article are sourced from official WeChat account of Xiamen Development and Reform Commission.


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