3 Xiamen companies on the list of Fortune Global 500

Updated: 23 Jul 2018
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On July 19th, 2018, Fortune Magazine published its annual global list of the top 500 corporations in the world ranked by revenue. This year, 120 Chinese companies made the cut, which makes China a close second to the U.S., which has 126 companies on the list.

Also known as the Global 500, the list is compiled according to the annual revenues of the world’s top 500 companies as measured by Fortune magazine.

On the Global 500, Walmart ranked first for the fifth time in terms of total revenue, followed by three Chinese companies – the State Grid Corporation of China, Sinopec Group, and China National Petroleum. Those four companies have occupied the top four spots without change for years.





Xiamen TG Holding Group




Xiamen C&D




Xiamen Xiangyu Group




About Xiamen ITG Holding Group
Established on May 25th, 2006, Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Xiamen Commerce and Trade State-Owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd., is one of the state-owned enterprises directly affiliated with the Xiamen Municipal Government.

The main wholly-owned and majority-controlled subordinate enterprises under ITG Holding areas follows: Xiamen ITG Group Co., Ltd.; Xiamen Xindeco, Ltd.; Xiamen ITG Zhongshun Group Co., Ltd.; and Xiamen ITG Financial Holding Co., Ltd. The scope of ITG Holding’s businesses ranges from five major business sectors including supply-chain operations, real estate and property services, financial services, manufacturing, and international economic cooperation.

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About Xiamen C&D
Xiamen C&D INC. (Stock code: 600153) is a modern service-oriented enterprise mainly specializing in supply chain operations and real estate development. Its business began in 1980. With the sole sponsorship of XIAMEN C&D GROUP CORPORATION LTD., XIAMEN C&D INC. was founded and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1998.

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About Xiamen Xiangyu Group
Founded on November 28th, 1995, Xiangyu Group is a wholly state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Xiamen.

Xiangyu Group is focused on the modern service industry, industrial investment, and specialized operations. The investments of the group are centered chiefly on modern services, including supply chain management, circulation services, public service platforms, industrial real estate development, real estate, integrated financial services, and equity investment, etc.

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Note: Company profiles are sourced from their official websites.
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