14 Xiamen schools to open their sports facilities to the public

Updated: 27 Aug 2018
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 According to the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports, 14 schools in Xiamen will pilot a "sports facilities sharing program," in which Xiamen residents will be allowed to use the sports facilities at designated schools starting in early September.
The 14 schools are as follows:
Xiamen No. 5 Middle School/厦门第五中学
Zengying Primary School/曾营小学
Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School/厦门双十中学初中部
Tianxin Dao School/天心岛小学
Yunding Primary School/云顶小学
Xiamen Shuangshi Affiliated School/双十附属学校
Xiamen Yanwu No. 2 Primary School/厦门市演武第二小学
Tong'an No. 2 Experimental Primary School/同安第二实验小学
Dongdu Primary School/东渡小学
Yucai Middle School/育才中学
Jinshang Primary School/金尚小学
Dadeng Middle School/大嶝中学
Jimei Primary School/集美小学
Hefeng Primary School/和风小学
Scheduled hours for public use of the sports facilities at the aforementioned schools:
7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday
Weekends (designated periods to be announced)
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Penny_XM Commented on 28 Aug 2018
That sounds great!