Xiamen Airlines launches direct flight between Xiamen and Sabah

Updated: 01 Nov 2018
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 Xiamen Airlines staged a successful inaugural flight from Xiamen to Kota Kinabalu, capital of Malaysia's Sabah, on October 28th, 2018. The flight marked Xiamen City's first direct flight to Sabah, and Xiamen Airlines' third direct flight from China to Sabah. The other two cities that enjoy Xiamen Airlines' direct flight services to Sabah are Beijng and Fuzhou.
The Xiamen-Sabah route is now serviced by four direct, non-stop flights a week — one flight a day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The departure dates and the number of flights per week from Sabah to Xiamen are the same as those from Xiamen to Sabah, but with different departure and arrival times.   

Direct flight between Xiamen and Kota Kinabalu:
Xiamen to Kota Kinabalu: 1:15 p.m. (take off) to 4:25 p.m. (arrival). One flight a day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
Kota Kinabalu to Xiamen: 2:20 p.m. (take off) to 6 p.m. (arrival). One flight a day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
"Sabah is known as 'the land below the wind.' We hope this new route will bring more convenience for our Chinese people to visit and enjoy the wonderful nature in other places" said Guo Yuan, General Manager of Xiamen Airlines Kuala Lumpur Office. "Xiamen Airlines is looking forward to opening more 'One Belt and One Road' air routes between China and Malaysia in the future, with the goal of making travel more convenient for the two peoples" 
About Sabah:
Sabah is a state of Malaysia located on the northern portion of Borneo Island. As of the 2015 census in Malaysia, the state's population is 3,543,500. Sabah has an equatorial climate with tropical rainforestsand abundant animal and plant species. The average daily temperature varies from 27 °C (81 °F) to 34 °C (93 °F), with a considerable amount of rain from 1,800 millimetres to 4,000 millimetres. 
Sabah cuisine: Notable dishes in Sabah include the Beaufort mee, bosou, hinava, ngiu chap, pinasakan, Sipitang satay, Tuaran mee, tuhau, the bambangan fruit (mangifera pajang) along with many others. Apart from these, Sabah also features a number of snacks like amplang, cincin, lidah, roti kahwin, UFOs pinjaram and Sandakan tart and dessert like lamban, nuba tingaa, punjung, sinamu and Tuaran coconut pudding. Every ethnic group has its own cuisine with different styles of preparing, cooking, and the way they serving and eating the food.
Places to go in Sabah: Sipadan National Park, Sandakan Memorial Park, Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Mount Kinabalu, Turtle Island Park, Kinabatangan River, Danum Valley Conservation Area, Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, etc.


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