Xiamen's first intelligent waste sorting device helps earn money

Updated: 02 Nov 2018
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 Recently, an intelligent waste sorting and recycling device was installed in a residential community in Huli District. The device pays residents for waste that they deposit in sorting and recycling boxes.
The device covers about five square meters, and consists of four waste sorting and recycling containers, namely plastic and metal (塑料金属), paper products (纸类), fabric materials (纺织物), and beverage bottles (饮料瓶).
How to get the service:
> Download the app via the QR code on the machine’s display screen;
> Register with your mobile phone number;
> Place your waste in the correct sorting and recycling containers;
> The device will sort, weigh and price the waste in accordance with market prices, then pay you.
Users can receive payment in cash or use the money to buy biodegradable bags via the app. The move aims to raise environmental protection awareness and popularize waste sorting among residents.
By the end of this year, 50 pilot residential communities are expected to have the intelligent devices installed.
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