Research bases for AI technology standardization set up in Xiamen

Updated: 29 Jan 2019
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 Research bases for the standardization of two AI technologies -- voice recognition and natural language processing -- have been inaugurated Wednesday in east China's Xiamen.
The bases were established by the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and Kuaishangtong, an AI company.
The voice recognition standardization research base will focus on the building of the technical standard system of voice recognition to promote the application of the technology in finance, security and intelligent terminals.
The other research base will work on the building of related application standards in the natural language processing field including dialog systems, machine translation, auto-abstract and information extraction.
Both the technologies and their application are the core components of AI, said Xian Kuitong, director of the CNIS institute of high and new technology and information standardization. The establishment of the two bases is significant for the follow-up industrial development of AI. 
SOURCE: Xinhua
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