Xiang'an Undersea Tunnel to open to traffic this year

Updated: 26 Mar 2009
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The Xiang’an Tunnel is the first undersea tunnel on the Chinese mainland. The tunnel will be about nine kilometers long and 70 meters underwater, and will cost 3.25 billion yuan (USD391.5 million).



Xiang'an Undersea Tunnel  


The tunnel will have six lanes and a top speed of 80 km per hour. Each end will connect to an expressway.


It consists of three tunnels: the left tunnel, the service tunnel and the right tunnel. The construction began simultaneously at the two ends of the tunnel, namely, the Wutong end and the Xiang’an end. The project is divided into four construction parts: A1-A4.


Currently, the excavation of the Xiang’an tunnel has been 90% completed. The right tunnel and service tunnel will be dug through in June, the left tunnel will be dug through in July. The whole tunnel is expected to be opened to traffic at the end of this year.


With the deep seabed muddy belt, whose code name is “F4”, being dug through, the A1 part of Xiang’an Tunnel has finished the tunnel excavation mission.


According to the China Railway Tunnel Group (CTG), who takes charge in the construction of the A1 part, the “F4” deep seabed muddy belt is 113 meters long. It took them seven months to dig through.


At present, the excavation of the left tunnel 86.3% completed, the service tunnel 91.7%, and the right tunnel is 86.8% completed. Till now, of all four seabed muddy belts, there is only one code-named "F2" that is still under excavation.


According to the Xiamen Road & Bridge Construction Group, the "F2" is not so difficult to dig through as the “F4”. They will strive to complete all constructions by the end of this year.


Upon completion, two ventilation shafts will stand out at each end of the Xiang’an Tunnel. The shaft at the Wutong end will be a lighthouse, which will also function as a marine radar. The shaft at the Xiang’an end looks like a huge sail.


The tunnel project will be the third passage linking the island of Xiamen with the mainland, joining the Xiamen Bridge and the Haicang Bridge. It is expected to divert about 30 percent of the traffic flow from the two bridges.




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choilee Commented on 01 Apr 2009
If you happen to cross that tunnel one day, pray for them! Thank them for the sacrifice they made for the goodness of all....
Bronzo Commented on 26 Mar 2009
Let's hope the dozen workers died last year during the escavation will get a memorial.