HEIMA Band debut album in Xiamen - The Long Road Home

Updated: 27 Oct 2009
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The debut album of HEIMA band
HEIMA were singing, dressed as Kizz in the last WOX Halloween Costume Party

This year, on Friday, 30th October 2009, their scheduled appearance will definitely take the party to a new height. They will undoubtedly be playing and singing to highlight their newly released album, Long Road Home.

Runar and Elin, the couple coming from Reykjavik, Iceland, are well known to Xiamen's art patrons through their exhibitions & Concerts in recent years.
Four years ago, they left from their home for tropical Xiamen in China, and their music takes you on a journey to the couples past, present and future life.
The Long Road Home is their first debut album together that now is being released in China and later this year will be released in Europe.There band name is HEIMA as well as the art house and cafe they have created and had in Xiamen for the past 2 and a half years.
The album displays there hopes dreams and desires and and their music falls in the category Alternative Folk music.
Runar and Elin will in the next few months play a lot of shows in China and go on tour to introduce the album and for the love of music.


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