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 test posttoxoyokiz24013 Oct 17 
 paket umroh ramadhanvita321469014 Jan 17 
 a normal Chinese single girl in searching...SuYZh543110 Jan 17 
 Escorts in XiamenFidelbujanda1031121 Sep 16 
 For Rent: Great Studio Apartmenttaodog698026 Aug 16 
 Need english reading females onlyanup1073018 Oct 15 
 HELP!!!!!pornman1358002 Jul 15 
 female friend guidejames hunt 11235020 Jun 15 
 seeking (female) friend in Xiamendred1257013 May 15 
 Hope to meet mature friendsjasmineli20031392203 May 15 
 looking for a beautiful bodylilaweiss1407418 Mar 15 
 semenpornman1411223 Feb 15 
 swinging bull for good timeleplagua1322005 Jan 15 
 An Indian looking for a sweet girl friend hereprs2me1352026 Dec 14 
 take him or reject himapple1407310 Nov 14 
 New friends to enrich my life in XiamenVoodoo1376012 Oct 14 
 Hey you...yes you...c'mere...check this outabby1231289003 Oct 14 
 anyone to save a dying girl?dsdoigts1440215 Sep 14 
 anyone here would like to practice english ...elsa19921325011 Sep 14 
 Anybody need an apartment for month of Sept...danielreid871408006 Aug 14 
 ol?? pessoalbonnerhay1615013 Jul 14 
 Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, movie made...AngryRobot321444113 Jun 14 
 Wonderfuldqsg1360001 May 14 
 share a songdqsg1295125 Apr 14 
 Where to go and what to do =)IrinaPia1376013 Mar 14 
 For sale??
 Treadmill Running machinesophie1236661283010 Mar 14 
 i am sorry my teaching is needed money surekebilan1423008 Mar 14 
 English corner at every Thusday night (PM7....XIAMEN-XEC1470119 Feb 14 
 Looking for some foreign friendsSherloki1465116 Feb 14 
 make new friendssky55148521356110 Feb 14 
 Show me XiamenDavidfromsweden1341008 Jan 14 
 Funniest site I've seen in a while.W00ki331571101 Jan 14 
 Xiamen here I comeIrinaPia1515526 Dec 13 
 Gibt es die Deutschen hier?KarlYang1390224 Dec 13 
 Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,dqsg1577130 Nov 13 
 Trust life,Jenny Sg1612912 Nov 13 
 I dont have a title but they require one an...ytfairy31128031022 Sep 13 
 Word Association PostYash1524309 Aug 13 
 teach dancing or skatingJenny Sg1599407 Aug 13 
 Make Yourself Relax HereAsh1111691810 Jul 13 
 how much brave she need?Novanyshao1731602 Jul 13 
 want to make some new friends herealicepeng1709525 Jun 13 
 would you like a less pathetic world, here ...ruoling1615213 Jun 13 
 Blessed be youruoling1584307 Jun 13 
 Fishingruphus741693112 Apr 13 

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