"Watch Bike, Save Life!" cycling safety campaign
 Updated: 08 Sep 2016
The first Xiamen cycle safe campaign “Watch Bike, Save Life!” saw participation of more than 40 riders last Saturday on September 3rd.

The campaign is to raise awareness among motorists that they should watch for cyclists as we are all road users. It also aims to raise money to provide financial assistance to the victims of bicycle accidents.

Half of the participants are international friends from different countries who work and live in Xiamen.

After the ride, a total of RMB 8,999 was raised and donated to the Xiamen Welfare Foundation for the Handicapped.

The event was jointly organized by Yoeleo Carbon Technology and whatsonxiamen (WOX), and was supported by Xiamen Welfare Foundation for the Handicapped and 6 major hotels in Xiamen.

The cycling routes along city streets with 6 Major Hotel Stops and Stopovers, in the order below:

1. Marco Polo Xiamen (starting point)
2. Sheraton Xiamen Hotel (stopover)
3. Langham Place Xiamen (stopover)
4. TFC Conference Centre (Mid-point stopover)
5. Xiamen Seaview Resort (stopover)
6. Swiss International Hotel Xiamen (finish line)