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A Gui Braised Beef Noodle Shop   阿桂红烧牛肉面馆(滨北店)

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A Gui Braised Beef Noodle Shop is a time-honored noddle shop in Xiamen. Actually, it not only offers a wide variety of ramen which caters to customers of all ages but also rice of Chinese style. Its recommended dish is braised beef noodle.

No.107 Hubin North Road, Siming District, Xiamen 湖滨北路25单元107号(港湾新城肯德基旁)
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Fr. Philippines

among my favorite restaurants! the place look clean enough, the food tasty and the serving generous. My favorite would be the fried milkfish and the Hakka fried pork.

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    Fr. United Kingdom
    Great food with very important food menu with variety really enjoyed watch these restaurant.
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