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Xiamen Airlines   厦门航空有限公司

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Being the first airline operated in the course of modern enterprise in China, Xiamen Airlines Co. Ltd was established in July 1984 jointly by Civil Aviation Administration of China and Fujian Provincial Government. The shareholders of Xiamen Airlines are China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd., Xiamen C & D Corporation Limited and Hebei Aviation Investment Group Co., Ltd. with 51%, 34% and 15% shares respectively. The IATA designator of Xiamen Airlines is "MF", and the corporate logo is "Soaring Egret in the Blue Sky".

The headquarters of Xiamen airlines is located in Xiamen, Fujian. From the three main operational bases in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Hangzhou, Xiamen Airlines now operates a flight network of more than 210 routes to and from over 50 major cities, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and cities of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. The weekly scheduled and unscheduled flights have reached nearly 3,200 flights. At present, about 2.1million members joined the Frequent Flyer Program of Xiamen Airlines.

Xiamen Airlines is the only Chinese airline who operates a fleet solely of Boeing aircraft. The fleet is comprised of 87 aircraft with a total seat number of 14,094. With an average airplane service age of 4.62 years, the fleet ranks as one of the youngest in the airline industry of the world.

22 Dailiao Road, Xiamen 361006, China 中国厦门市埭辽路22号


Fr. Canada

The few times I have taken this airline for domestic flights it was always very close to being on-time and had decent service. Compared with my 2 hour delays on China Eastern. I will use Xiamen Airlines again. Difficult to choose which domestic airline is best in China

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replied by RedCynic on 22:29:42 07 Nov
Airports have 'tag numbers'. Basically, a run sheet of who was booked to leave at what time. Delayed flight departures/arrivals are generally not because of the airline. Bad traffic management from the airport is usually to blame. I've flown with close to every domestic airline out of Xiamen airport and I'm delayed 90% of the time. I fly out of HK, London, Sydney....90% of the time it runs like clockwork.
Fr. Isle of Man

This airline puts profit over customers which is evident when you are always stuck on the tarmac for hours because they are trying to save a buck. Hate this airline!

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Fr. Philippines

It's my first time to take Xiamen Airline going to Haikou, Hainan Province. I think they had to improve their gestures towards to their costumers and be more welcoming, especially to the stewardess. More smiles.

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Fr. China

It started with good service few years ago and then go down. FAs are not friendly like before and sometime impatient and arrogant.

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Fr. United States

Always a flight delay(with little to no explanation), poor service, horrible handling of planes(I've had 4 flights, every single one has been an ordeal even to stand up...even when the "fasten your seat belt" light is off).

Most hilarious redeeming qualities: They used to have a small exercise video at the end so you could stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing again. And they used to have a cartoon at the beginning of the flight with a cartoon pig saying that Americans and foreigners carry swine flu so you should avoid them, and that America is the birthplace of the pandemic(even though it was known it was Mexico LONG before I was on that flight).

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Fr. United Kingdom

Not a bad airline.

Have worked with them.

One of the wealthiest in China (1 Boeing every month for the next 4 years).

Reasonably good service. Pilots trained in Australia.

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