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I am an experienced acupuncturist working here in Xiamen. If you feel you need or would like treatment, contact me and I can give you a consultation. You can have your treatments in the privacy of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Acupuncture relieves a variety of ailments, including but not limited to: headaches and migraines, insomnia, stress and anxiety, muscle tension and pain, indigestion and stomach ache, back pain, menstrual cramps and joint pain. According to TCM, pain, discomfort and illness are generally caused by an imbalance or stagnation of Qi. Tiny needles are inserted at meridian points specific to the disorder to restore the flow of Qi and hence your well-being.

I also offer cupping therapy for detoxification and relaxation. Cupping works by stimulating blood circulation and removing any stagnation in Qi, thereby relieving pain. It is a great way to boost your overall health.

Contact me if you would like to know more.

At home treatments
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 Treatments start from 100 yuan.

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Fr. Canada

Excellent service; Jade is thoughtful, professional and helpful. Acupuncture for improving health, and also acupressure for relaxation. Highly recommended. She comes to your home and has all materials with her; very capable and very pleasant.

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Fr. France (Metropolitan)

I sprained my ankle last year and it still hurt since January. I saw many doctors here but I don't trust them at all.

A good friend of mine recommended me Jade for her professional and her reliable acupunture skill. So I decided to start the treatement two month ago, even if I am scared of needles. I didn't regret it because my ankle is recovering pretty well now.

I am very grateful and lucky to find her in Xiamen. I highly recommend her acupunture's skill! =)

Jade, Thank you very much for your kindness and for your help <3

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Fr. Germany

Jade is a reliable and very caring person. Friends told me about her great work and so I decided to try cupping for the first time.. Since the first time I tried it, she does it every two weeks for me.. and it really helped to improve my health and my well-being! I recommend Jade`s skills to everyone who is interested!

5/5 Stars!! :)

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Fr. United States