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Technology shop with silk the new gadgets

399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle c421
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Fr. Argentina

One of the coolest shop in sm2 with all the new gadgets and technology, I gave them 4 stars because lately they're not bringing new gadgets.

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  • mudasserakram
    Fr. Pakistan
    this is really amazing website thanks for sharing with, really good work keep it up here is a site where you can download crack software
  • DissertationHelpUK
    Fr. United Kingdom
    Great food with very important food menu with variety really enjoyed watch these restaurant.
  • literalkev
    Fr. United States
    I really like this place. Specifically, I love the fact that they roast their coffee in house, so I can always get exactly what I want there. Their imports are decent enough, but limited and baked g...
  • Lauwrence
    Fr. Netherlands
    Friendly staff, but the food is plain awful. I've had my share of dim sum, but this is a plain insult to Cantonese cuisine.
  • Mr Shelly
    Fr. Antartica
    I was there a couple days ago and this place has really gone down hill... I quickly realized the only thing i was grabbing was a jar of Vlasic kosher baby dills and then it hit me, why not just grab t...
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    I can't leave such a bad review like this for Calisson because your experience does not reflect the overall experience I had buying things from that shop. This chain offers a wide range of French gen...
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    Fr. Philippines
    The most genuine imported store, ever. It's not perfect but the basic goods you need are here that you can't buy from other stores and groceries.
  • alexynne
    Fr. Philippines
    I have been to this shop only once and I can't even find all the things I need for cooking, I have to walk to tasty life to complete what I need. Space in this shop is big with plenty of varieties...
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