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Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy   中国功夫&太极拳 学校

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Qiyi Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, hoping you will join us

Key Words: Chinese Kung Fu / Tai Chi/ Nan Chuan/Free Combat /Sword/Knife/Spear/Cudgel

At Qiyi Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, we bring the ancient, proven and elusive form of martial arts. We believe that people can start Kung Fu at any age and with no experience.

If you want to get fit, learn self-defence or all the way to immersing yourself in this wonderful art. We have confidence in our program because our instructor began his martial arts training at a very early age with famous Masters in Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Currently he is the member of Chinese Martial Art Association, owns ten years experience in Chinese Kung Fu training, specializes in Tai Chi、 Nan Chuan、Sword、Free Combat Knife、Spear、Cudgel and other martial arts . Still he won lots of championship of International Martial Art Competition.

We take martial arts as a lifestyle, and we bring it to you in the simplest and most effective way, from absolute beginner to as far as you could imagine yourself going. The classes you join are practical, enjoyable and are structured for the age and time that we live in today, just for you. You will even feel more confident knowing that you can have the skill to protect yourself and others.

F4, Fukang Buliding , 112 Jiahe Road ,Siming Distict (near Lushan Hotel ) 嘉禾路112号 阜康大厦 4楼(庐山酒店旁,苏宁电器楼上)

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