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EasyMandarin Chinese school   汉语窗中文学校

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EasyMandarin school is a professional Mandarin & Culture Learning Centre in Xiamen.Catered in the heart of Xiamen, located in Marco -polo area. EasyMandarin is a top-notch Chinese Language Center specializing in business language training. Established 8years ago, our language center provides a variety of courses that suit diverse needs. Our objective is to lay a solid foundation for our students’ career and life. We aim to promote intercultural understanding through unique learning techniques that targets individual learning needs.

Wechat ID:easymandarinxm

BlockA Zhongxin building NO.29 north of Hubin road Xiamen city 厦门市湖滨北路中信广场A栋18A
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  • me123
    Fr. Bahamas
    Xiamen Mandarin Fun School is good fun enjoying. You can check
  • literalkev
    Fr. United States
    I used to teach at this kindergarten, so I always felt like it would be a bit biased if I wrote a review while I worked there. I don't teach anymore, so I feel a bit more free to write it. Here goes...
  • Mr Shelly
    Fr. Antartica
    I heard bad things about it. I have heard that the foreign teachers teach the dance classes and the Chinese teachers teach phonics and pronunciation... That is backwards in my book... You really need ...
  • gabrielxiamen
    Fr. Argentina
    My daughter is still a bit too young to start kindergarten, but when she does, she's going to this kindergarten for sure, I went to visit the place a while ago and I was impressed, the school is reall...
  • amoyryan
    Fr. United States
    It is not that good, too expensive, does not provide VPN. Anyone who wants good grades should not go there. The teachers teach nothing. Most people leave just after Christmas break. Bottom line: don't...
  • Modern_Chinese
    Fr. China
    I give myself 5 stars. Due to my hard work and patient to all students here. Come and try~ I offer one free lesson for the new student.
  • seoulsystem
    Fr. Korea, Repub...
    e school is managed by mostly relatives of the owners who make every teacher's life miserable. They send teachers home without due process. If one relative doesn't like you, then they do something to ...
  • pkwouters
    Fr. Canada
    My teenage children have been there one year in middle school and senior school. We come from the UK. Clearly the experience was very different - teaching styles, administration, etc. But, they do r...
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