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We are a pet shop that don\'t sell pets, as we encourage adoption. We sell products both imported and exported, all of them have fully functional demo for you or your pet to play with before you buy. We have English speaking pet shop boy.

Main category:
-cute stationery those are fun to play with
-trending daily supply
-smart pet products and conventional pet products
-hacker space about IoT, e.g. Arduino, raspberry pi

Free Service
-party games
-English pet magazines
-animal TV program on 100 inch projector screen, you can also airplay your video clips or music via Apple TV

Basement G385, Ming Fa plaza, Lian Ban, Si Min District 福建省厦门市思明区明发商业广场负1楼G385

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  • gabrielxiamen
    Fr. Argentina
    The owner is quite friendly and one of the few shops that sell me humsters even when I know where they end up, hehe. I also buy dog food and some toys for my dog from time to time. I disagree with t...
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