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Business Name: ARRAIL Dental Clinic Created by T-life on 2015-06-04 23:07:08 with 3 replies
obatsipilis from Indonesia
this is very nice place for you to get dental clinic, it very recommended for you..

thank for arrail dental clinic, you are the best

reggards from
Business Name: Xiamen Mandarin Fun School Created by mandarinfun on 2016-08-10 15:29:08 with 1 replies
me123 from Bahamas
Xiamen Mandarin Fun School is good fun enjoying. You can check
Business Name: Allassignmenthelp Created by amara3 on 2017-09-22 16:31:10 with 2 replies
saloni from United States
nice post. we provide QuickBooks Customer Service software for the small business and it provides one of the best QB services. if you want to know more about QuickBooks support number click here
Business Name: Allassignmenthelp Created by amara3 on 2017-09-22 16:31:10 with 2 replies
dustbin from Indonesia
Kami adalah DISTRIBUTOR <a href="">KERTAS NASI</a> ala/seperti KFC/McD
yang telah memiliki SERTIFIKAT FOODGRADE
{ISEGA for Food Grade Paper Code of Federal Regulations, Food and Drugs ( FDA),
21 CFR Ch. I ( April 1, 2010 edition )},
yang utama dan terpercaya di Indonesia berkedudukan di DKI Jakarta.
Business Name: legendary hong kong (sm) Created by gabrielxiamen on 2015-01-02 15:14:25 with 5 replies
DissertationHelpUK from United Kingdom
Great food with very important food menu with variety really enjoyed watch these restaurant.

Business Name: Bistro 21 Created by AbbyAinsworth on 2015-07-27 09:48:42 with 3 replies
eefye from Netherlands
Bistro 21 is the first real western restaurant in Haicang area, the food is of a very good quality while the prices are still reasonable, the restaurant is not too big so if you want to go with a larger group it is better to make reservations, they have a separate room for larger groups available. I can highly recommend Bistro 21 even for people who live on the island, have a good and affordable dinner and check out Haicang area while you are there.
Business Name: Mike's Hotdogs & Beers Created by Mikes Hotdogs on 2015-06-16 15:19:39 with 10 replies
W00ki33 from United States
Delicious, great service, affordable prices, and great selection of beer. Only complaint is I have to walk too far to go there(otherwise I would safely weight 200 kg)
Business Name: Cebu Pacific Air Created by tigerh on 2013-02-05 16:33:29 with 5 replies
alexynne from Philippines
I would recommend this airline only for domestic flights in the Philippines but not for international flights.

I was booking for a trip home which means XM-MNL then another flight to my hometown. I even avoided the peak season during the Chinese New Year holiday so the rates will not be too high but to my surprise the rates reached up to 4,0000rmb. I was so surprised because i even tried to book it 2 months before. When I checked the rate from the other airline (PAL), their rate was 1,000rmb cheaper and it includes the food already and service is waaaayyy much better. Even if I stay overnight in Manila still my expenses to stay overnight there will not cause me 1000rmb.
Business Name: Le Meridien Xiamen Created by annieni on 2012-12-12 17:12:08 with 5 replies
literalkev from United States
Great place! I love how quiet and tucked away it feels when you check in there. The rooms were spacious and clean, beds were super comfy and the bathtub was awesome. The bar had tons of great cocktails and the food that was served in the restaurant was excellent as well. Love it!
Business Name: Rendezvous café Created by Echo Lin on 2012-12-28 11:44:11 with 3 replies
literalkev from United States
Decent coffee and a good location. I haven't tried their food, but I'm willing to take a chance if w00ki comes with me.
Business Name: Sunshine Home Created by mokey on 2013-02-18 15:22:49 with 2 replies
literalkev from United States
I used to teach at this kindergarten, so I always felt like it would be a bit biased if I wrote a review while I worked there. I don't teach anymore, so I feel a bit more free to write it. Here goes: This school is arguably one of best in Xiamen. The owners really care about the children, and it is stressed again and again that safety and the children's happiness are the most important aspects of what happens at Sunshine Home. The teachers are all certified professionals, with plenty of experience teaching children. The campus is quaint and cozy, and all of the teachers and staff members know all of the children by name. Children who attend this school are allowed to study what they like based on their own interests and the teachers here act as guides rather than instructors. If you want your child to study, but still want them to be free to pursue what interests them in a safe, vibrant environment then this place is for you. I cannot say enough about this school or all of the people are a part of it. 5 Stars for sure.
Business Name: Cebu Pacific Air Created by tigerh on 2013-02-05 16:33:29 with 5 replies
literalkev from United States
You get what you pay for. Endless delays, luggage restrictions, and smarmy customer service reps... That being said, it gets you where you're going for cheap.
Business Name: Prague Cafe Created by mberni on 2013-05-30 17:51:53 with 12 replies
literalkev from United States
This place was pretty good. The pastrami sandwich was on point, and the coffee was good as well. Decent prices, and a comfy atmosphere make this spot worth checking out.
Business Name: Calisson Created by Voodoo on 2015-09-12 16:52:52 with 2 replies
literalkev from United States
I really like this place. Specifically, I love the fact that they roast their coffee in house, so I can always get exactly what I want there. Their imports are decent enough, but limited and baked goods are pretty great. Convenient location if you live near California Plaza. I'd recommend it for sure.
Business Name: Pappy's pizza & pie Created by Tina85 on 2016-02-17 17:11:52 with 1 replies
literalkev from United States
I've been going to this place since I moved to XM a few years ago. Good prices, and good food. Everything there has a focus on natural ingredients and good healthy food. They also have a selection of health products, vitamins, and a limited selection of imported food. The pizza and pies are awesome, and the soups are really good there as well. Love this place, and the guy who owns it. Staff is on point as well.
Business Name: Sky Avenues int'l kindergarten banshan branch Created by cindywangc on 2016-01-23 00:32:58 with 2 replies
Mr Shelly from Antartica
I heard bad things about it. I have heard that the foreign teachers teach the dance classes and the Chinese teachers teach phonics and pronunciation... That is backwards in my book... You really need to look at what is being taught and who is doing the teaching....
Business Name: Sky Avenues int'l kindergarten banshan branch Created by cindywangc on 2016-01-23 00:32:58 with 2 replies
gabrielxiamen from Argentina
My daughter is still a bit too young to start kindergarten, but when she does, she's going to this kindergarten for sure, I went to visit the place a while ago and I was impressed, the school is really nice, all the teachers speak very good English, the classes are divided into small groups with 3 teachers per class all experienced and passionate about teaching little kids.

Business Name: S.I.P Wine boutique and tapas bar Created by mabelette on 2014-09-27 11:12:57 with 7 replies
gabrielxiamen from Argentina
First the fact that the place is small it doesn't means it's cozy,i found it somehow uncomfortable with the tables to close to each other, very little separation between them.
I went there with my best friend, after hearing from other people that this place is good. I get there about lunch time, we were the only customers there, when ask for the menu a Chinese guy show me a Chinese menu in his phone, only the a few words in English, so it was unreadable for me, I explain to the waiter that I need to know what I'm choosing for lunch if I can't read the menu because they don't have English I'll have to have lunch somewhere else, he says ok, so walk to " the house" Have a really nice lunch there.

Business Name: legendary hong kong (sm) Created by gabrielxiamen on 2015-01-02 15:14:25 with 5 replies
Lauwrence from Netherlands
Friendly staff, but the food is plain awful.

I've had my share of dim sum, but this is a plain insult to Cantonese cuisine.
Business Name: Apple Travel Agency Created by annieni on 2014-07-10 16:47:42 with 8 replies
ThatsRight from Zimbabwe
I've no experience with this bunch for travelling arrangements.

My experiences however with their expat relocation "services" aren't good. Incompetent/clueless towards Xiamen services, inflexible and particularly unwilling to proactively think along with an expat's needs and possibilities.

Asking around I hear the same comments from others.

Last but not least: *rude* towards customers.

Thumbs down all the way, there are better agents out there.
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