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0 reviews
Showroom 1, 352 South Street, O’Connor, WA 6163, Australia,
0 reviews
New York City, NY, USA
0 reviews
Office 1003, Damac XL Tower, Business Bay, Dubai UAE, Middle East
0 reviews
Av. Santa Maria N0 2348, Arica
0 reviews
32 Becharry Road, Blacktown NSW
0 reviews
0 reviews
london,england,United Kingdom london,england,United Kingdom
2 reviews
12/166 Napier Street Essendon, Melbourne Melbourne
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0 reviews
The 507#, Xike Street, Xike Town, Tong\'an District, Xiamen
0 reviews
Basement G385, Ming Fa plaza, Lian Ban, Si Min District 福建省厦门市思明区明发商业广场负1楼G385
1 reviews
Room2304, Building #4, Shi Ji Hai Wan, North Hubin Road
Xiamen Mandarin Fun School is good fun enjoying. You can check
0 reviews
BlockA Zhongxin building NO.29 north of Hubin road Xiamen city 厦门市湖滨北路中信广场A栋18A
0 reviews
North Hubin Road 27# 湖滨北路27号
1 reviews
918-16 Eastern Lian Qian Road Si Ming District 厦门思明区莲前东路918-16号
I've been going to this place since I moved to XM a few years ago. Good prices, and good food. Everything there has a focus on natural ingredients and good healthy food. They also have a selection ...
2 reviews
Royal Hill Residence 75 Qiao Yue Li,Siming District,Xiamen 厦门市思明区侨岳里75号
I heard bad things about it. I have heard that the foreign teachers teach the dance classes and the Chinese teachers teach phonics and pronunciation... That is backwards in my book... You really need ...
0 reviews
F4, Fukang Buliding , 112 Jiahe Road ,Siming Distict (near Lushan Hotel ) 嘉禾路112号 阜康大厦 4楼(庐山酒店旁,苏宁电器楼上)
3 reviews
Ruijing California Plaza
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3 reviews
21 Binhu East Road, Haicang, Xiamen
Bistro 21 is the first real western restaurant in Haicang area, the food is of a very good quality while the prices are still reasonable, the restaurant is not too big so if you want to go with a larg...
10 reviews
Daxue Lu 15, Shapowei
Delicious, great service, affordable prices, and great selection of beer. Only complaint is I have to walk too far to go there(otherwise I would safely weight 200 kg)
3 reviews
3/F, International Plaza, No.8 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen China 361001 : 厦门市思明区鹭江道8号国际银行大厦3层
0592-213 1900
this is very nice place for you to get dental clinic, it very recommended for you.. thank for arrail dental clinic, you are the best reggards from
4 reviews
No. 277 Huataiyuan Villa, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamenn City. 厦门市湖里区华泰苑海天路277别墅 (湖里公园正门正对面)
One of the very best massage you'll ever have in the world, not just xiamen, very relaxing and professionals staff. With nice deco, and manage by a foreigner massage expert.
0 reviews
Siming District Xiamen Dorm near Ruijing PLAZA 前埔瑞景商业广场后面厦航宿舍对面龙宝斋
3 reviews
Da Xue Lu (few steps away from Amoy Brau)
110 let me ask next time
I only tried it once but it's really good. One of the food to look forward to when you are around the Shapowei area. And the serving size is also big, worth the price you are paying for.
2 reviews
2202/22F, Imperial Plaza, #820 Xiahe Road
Before the other good dental clinics exists in Xiamen, this was one of the highly recommended dental clinics. I've been to this clinic about 7 years ago. Dr. Yao speaks English and he can explain clea...
14 reviews
7 Jianye Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian
I was there a couple days ago and this place has really gone down hill... I quickly realized the only thing i was grabbing was a jar of Vlasic kosher baby dills and then it hit me, why not just grab t...
0 reviews
Douxi rod above Yonghui grocery 厦门市思明区美仁路斗西路祥和广场二楼
1 reviews
Hubinnanlu bainaohui 4 floor 4Y09
One of the worst dining experience I have had in a long time, everything taste awful. We had a lamb chop, lamb skewers, squid skewers and fried banana with ice cream. The pictures of the food in th...
1 reviews
District Xiang 'an, xindian mall 4 floor 翔安区新店汇景广场4楼
I was there yesterday for the opening, on paper looks great a massive Japanese theme restaurant that also have western style food and in xiangan district! Well it ain't so great. .. they didn't hav...
4 reviews
jinbanglu 82 hao 129
I love their choco lava cake really much. I love the hospitality and kindness of the owners. I love what they have in their menu which I love to try. I love how passionate they are with their ...
3 reviews
Robinson galleries, 1st floor
I like MOS a lot. I don't feel as nasty after eating it than Mcdonalds. Burger King is still #1 in my book for fast food though. If you want a real burger though, go to Dear Burger down in Sha Po ...
5 reviews
sm2, 2nd floor, b206
Great food with very important food menu with variety really enjoyed watch these restaurant.
1 reviews
jinbang road no 82 of 109
Like someone already suggested I will write a proper review. The place it is not very big but has a cool deco. the service was rather poor, it is one of this places where is a freaking mission to g...
0 reviews
siming, jiahe road, sm2 5th floor
568 1261
2 reviews
hubin beilu 243-20
confused review by gabrial
2 reviews
siming, gangland huayuan bian
nice coffee and cake
3 reviews
Hu Bin Dong Lu 291 厦门市湖滨东路291号(夏商怡翔酒店南湖店)1楼
i like the food at stone garden , average price and very delicious foods . Service is very fast .Decoration looks very nice too. wanna go again sometime.
2 reviews
xiamen, siming district, hubin beilu no 229, hongyi Dasha yilou
very good quality sushi
7 reviews
#67 Jiang Xing Lu, Siming
1806 0923 244
First the fact that the place is small it doesn't means it's cozy,i found it somehow uncomfortable with the tables to close to each other, very little separation between them. I went there with my be...
4 reviews
o.123, Xiafei Road, Haicang District, Xiamen 厦门市海沧区霞飞路123号 B1 food court
robert whether its MOSS or MOS who care..we care for good burger
5 reviews
Store 34, Xiacheng Haijing Garden Building, #54, Minzu Rd.
0592 - 2655768
My husband and me, we went there last week for lunch. It's a litte bit pricy and we had big expectations because of the great reviews. The restaurant is nice and comfortable, service is good, dishes a...

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