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0 reviews
F4, Fukang Buliding , 112 Jiahe Road ,Siming Distict (near Lushan Hotel ) 嘉禾路112号 阜康大厦 4楼(庐山酒店旁,苏宁电器楼上)
4 reviews
Xiamen Shi jia he lu 305 hao bao long zhong xin er qi 2 lou
been here for almost 18 months already.. definitely a good gym for its price. lots of equipments too. will recommend expatriates to give it a try
6 reviews
No.45 Wenzao Street 厦门市文灶街45号店面
Qualified staff and products over the average. The place to go if you are mad about bikes.
0 reviews
20/F Jiulongcheng, 863# Xiahe Road, Xiamen 厦门市厦禾路863号文灶九龙城20楼(鑫安宾馆旁,兴业银行楼上)
0 reviews
No.3-3,Huatai Road,Huli District,Xiamen 厦门湖里区华泰路3之3号
0 reviews
Huilong Building, No.8 Jiangtou Dong Road, Huli District 湖里区江头东路8号惠龙大厦
2 reviews
Floor 2, Baoma Garden, No. 17 -19 Hexiang Xi Road, Siming District 思明区禾祥西路17号-19号宝马花园2楼
didn't they eighty-six you there, yasir?
0 reviews
#97, Hubin Bei Rd 思明区湖滨北路97号棕榈泉旁
4 reviews
Hubin xi lu, Hua Jiao Hai Jing Cheng, Yu Zhou Business center Phase 2 7-8flr 厦门思明区湖滨西路华侨海景城二期禹洲商业中心7F-8F
Other than the locker room (which is quite dirty) the gym is OK. They have their own rush hours in the evening but I guess that's understandable.
0 reviews
Xiamen University, Martial Arts Association, around Jiannan Hall. 厦门大学武术协会,建南大礼堂附近
3 reviews
Hubin Beilu, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区湖滨北路
0592 5054898
Awesome place for sport, I usually go there for playing soccer I also play ping-pong, very clean, big, excellent facilities
9 reviews
21F, No.7, Jianye Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区建业路7号2106单元
Overall it's a good gym. I'll list the good and bad below. GOOD Clean (the cleanest gym I've been to by far) Good selection of weights Pretty good machine selection Large and uncrowded BAD ...
0 reviews
2F, West Unit, No.28 Hexiang East Road, Siming District 思明区禾祥东路28号西单元2楼(歌橙KTV旁)

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